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About Climate Change


Poor people are least responsible for climate change. But they are affected first and worst.

“Climate Change is the biggest challenge faced by humankind in modern times. Organisations like Oxfam play a crucial role in helping climate change be an important part of political agendas by mobilising action right from the level of the Panchayat to the Parliament.”
– Suresh Prabhu, Member of Parliament, Government of India

In our country over 800,000,000 poor people are extremely vulnerable to the impacts of climate change.

  • Nearly 4,500,000 million people in India since 1900 due to climate related events, inflicting over US$36 billion of damage.
  • Every 1°C rise in temperature will reduce wheat production in India by 4-5,000,000 million tons – leaving millions going hungry
  • Rising sea levels have eaten up two islands in Sunderban region, forcing 6000 people to relocate
  • Fish in the Ganga river has declined from 85 tons during 1959 to 62 tons during 2004 due to increasing water temperatures
  • It is the rich and developed countries – the US, Australia, Japan, Canada & Europe – who are responsible for global warming, because it is they that been pumping greenhouse gases into the atmosphere over the last 200 years.

But there is hope.

Rich countries accept global warming is driven by pollution from their industries – they must now reduce greenhouse emissions without delay.

And so that things don’t get even worse, rich countries must urgently agree policies and targets to stop global warming.

It’s not too late – we can contain climate change and prevent catastrophe, if we act together, now.

Adaptation is the need of the hour.

We can help poor people cope with the changing weather patterns by:

  • Raising community awareness about severe weather conditions;
  • Building flood-proof homes , schools drinking water sources
  • Testing and growing drought and water tolerant crops
  • Installing efficient, low-cost irrigation systems
  • Upgrading early warning systems.

“Climate Change is hitting poorest people the hardest. Oxfam in India rightfully recognises that in order to safeguard both past and future human development, climate change must be tackled with immediate effect. There is no time to procrastinate.”
– Supriya Sule, Member of Parliament, Government of India

Find out what Oxfam is doing here.

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  1. oraja permalink
    03/03/2010 3:39 am

    Climate Change is UK’s political Agenda. When will Indians wake up that this is a scam. China has kicked Oxfam out of their country.

    Climate change will prevent industrialization of India. India will continue to remain in stone age. Kick the UK’s colonialists out. Kick Oxfam out of India.

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