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About The Campaign


Oxfam is taking action on climate change in our campaigning work and our programme work.

The Stop Harming, Start Helping Campaign.

Sign up to the Oxfam India petition on climate change – click here!

Oxfam is calling on rich countries and our Government to take action now on climate change at the next UN talks on Climate Change in December 2009 in Copenhagen.

We are calling on:

  • US, Canada, Japan, Europe & Australia to transfer green technologies and funds to developing countries like India, so that poor people can meet their basic needs.
  • US, Canada, Japan, Europe & Australia to reduce their domestic carbon emissions first, fastest and furthest.
  • US, Canada, Japan, Europe & Australia to adopt more environmentally friendly lifestyles, and learn some ways of doing this from developing countries like India.
  • The Indian Government to address poor people’s needs in every Mission of the National Action Plan on Climate Change for inclusive and sustainable growth of the country.
  • The Indian Government & world leaders to ensure that the new UN Climate Change Agreement, to be reached at Copenhagen in December 2009, puts the needs of the worlds poorest people first

Sign up to the Oxfam India petition on climate change – click here!

Why is Oxfam India Working on Climate Change?

Ending poverty and empowering poor and socially marginalised people is Oxfam India’s goal. Oxfam India is increasingly seeing the impacts of climate change on the communities it works with. Through its initiatives with communities, governments and international organisations, Oxfam India is working towards reducing the impact that climate change and energy crises have on the lives of poor and vulnerable people.

Oxfam India believes climate change is:

  • An Equity issue: Globally and within countries, poor people are hit hardest by climate change though they are least responsible for it
  • A Development issue: Climate change threatens to undermine efforts to attain the UN Millennium Development Goals to which India is a signatory.
  • An Urgent issue: There is a sense of urgency to deal with these issues by ensuring that policy makers and individuals start making efforts NOW because poor people, with their limited ability to cope with climate impacts, cannot wait

What is Oxfam India doing on Climate Change?

To make people think, reflect and act without losing any more time Oxfam India has adopted a multi-pronged strategy that works at different levels across age groups and sections of society. It aims to:

  • Understand and integrate climate change adaptation in programmes on livelihoods and disaster risk reduction
  • Undertake research on the human impact of climate change and policies and practices that can help people cope better
  • Advocate and lobby Parliamentarians and policy makers to place concerns of poor people centre stage in climate-related plans, policies and programmes
  • Build on Oxfam India’s experience of what works on the ground
  • Advocate and work with stakeholders such as private sector and media to position climate change and poverty prominently on their agendas
  • Mobilise, support and activate allies, partners and citizens, especially youth, celebrities and artists to raise demands and question governments on progress made/ steps taken on climate change
  • Advocate and campaign with other Oxfam affiliates at global fora to ensure that world leaders act on climate change and development
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