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About Oxfam India


What is Oxfam India?
Oxfam India works towards putting an end to poverty and injustice. For over 50 years, Oxfam has been actively partnering communities and like-minded organizations to bring in a global movement of change.

Oxfam India is India’s representation with Oxfam International, which works in over 110 countries on issues related to people living in poverty and helping them take control of their rights.

As India becomes an increasingly important global influence, Oxfam India aims to be a larger force and a stronger voice in bringing positive changes to people’s lives. It strives to build bridges between India and the rest of the world, especially on global issues such as climate change and trade. With a population of over 450 million poor people, and a growing rich and middle class who can afford to be engaged in and contribute to India’s development, Oxfam India believes it has a significant role to play by working with others to find lasting solutions to poverty and suffering.

Oxfam India makes a difference by partnering with local NGOs and working with people so that they can take control of their lives and build future for themselves, their families, and communities they live in. It believes in the dignity of people and their capacity to overcome their problems. Oxfam India and its partners work with the poorest and the most vulnerable in their struggle against poverty, suffering and injustice.

How does Oxfam India fight poverty?
Oxfam India works on a rights-based approach to address the root causes of poverty. It believes that the women and men it works with and for are key stakeholders and not victims.

Oxfam India focuses on 4 priority areas –

Economic Justice – Earning A Better Income

Oxfam India through its partners at the grassroots, works with people to give them more stable and long-term opportunities to earn a reliable
income. Oxfam campaigns for trade policies to be fair and for people to be prepared for the effects of climate change.

Gender Justice – Unlocking Women’s Potential
Oxfam India’s work on gender aims to create a shift in the perceptions,
attitudes, and behaviors of women and men. Incorporating gender issues in every aspect of its work is one of Oxfam India’s priorities.

Essential Services – The ABC Of Overcoming Poverty
Oxfam India promotes education for girl children because of the discrimination they face. Oxfam’s initiatives on education are therefore closely linked to the gender equality work. Oxfam promotes girls’ education through schools that focus on marginalized communities.

Humanitarian Work – Preparing To Survive
Oxfam India and its partners work with vulnerable communities to equip
them with the necessary skills, information, and knowledge to survive and be prepared for disasters.

Fundraising in Oxfam India – raising funds to make a shift from Poverty to Power Presently Oxfam India has more than 50, 000 individual donors across the country who believe in our mission and support our fight against poverty in India. Till date a large number of corporate houses have aligned themselves with our rights-based approach. This number is increasing day by day with more people joining hands with us.

Contact us:
Oxfam India
Plot No.1, Community Centre
2nd Floor (Above Sujan Mohinder Hospital)
New Friends Colony
New Delhi – 110065
Phone: 011-4653 8000

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  1. 30/10/2009 3:27 pm



  2. 20/02/2014 7:15 pm

    Innovative and hard working for deprived marginal people are economically empowered due to OXFAM INDIA

  3. Syed Abdul Raouf permalink
    12/10/2014 9:35 am

    I thank OXFAM INDIA For its humanitarian efforts. I am a flood victim from Kashmir.we lost all our saffron fields in flood which was our primary source of income I need financial assisstance as i am preparing for ias exam .kindly provide me some relief. Thank you.

  4. Shashank yadav permalink
    25/01/2015 2:59 pm

    I wish to work with you

  5. RAKESH DOSHI permalink
    08/03/2015 3:15 pm

    I m working on converting urine into electricity. If you understand this contact me.

    • Vijay permalink
      21/05/2017 5:17 pm

      How is is possible? Like urine dosent contain any energy rich molecules.

    • Vijay permalink
      21/05/2017 5:17 pm

      How is is possible? Like urine dosent contain any energy rich molecules.

  6. Rupam Das permalink
    08/02/2016 10:07 am

    What are the opportunities and problems you will face when you work for Assam

  7. Umakanta permalink
    26/04/2016 3:56 pm

    Kindly uptodate address

  8. Ajay Kumar permalink
    25/05/2016 6:40 pm

    I am a development sector professional with 17 yrs of experiences majorly in Bihar and some time in jharkhand . Presently working for care India as Regional Manager in Bihar . It will be of a great privilege to me if i got opportunity to work with your esteem organization .

  9. Elisha permalink
    29/07/2016 10:18 am

    I appreciate your effort for the upliftment of the downtrodden, wish you God’s blessing and Success. If I get opportunity wish to work with your Organization as I too work with the marginalized farming community.

  10. Md.Afsar Alam permalink
    07/09/2016 7:16 am

    mai dist. katihar state Bihar parkhand kadwa panchayat kursail se Md.Afsar Alam .mere ward no.09 me koi bhi Oxfam ki tataf se help nahi mili h . jabki other ward me General help kiya gaya h .kya Oxfam Muslim people ka help nahi karte hai.

  11. mausumi permalink
    16/03/2017 4:21 pm

    what is Oxfam full form

  12. बृजमोहन permalink
    10/07/2017 4:57 pm

    हम राजस्थान के सिरोही के रेवदर उपखंड में स्थापित एक स्वयं सेवी संस्था हैं और पिछले 17 वर्षों से समुदाय के साथ उनके मुद्दों पर काम कर रहे हैं और हमारे यहाँ पर बहुत सी केस स्टडी हैं केसे हमारे काम से समुदाय में क्या बदलाव आया चाहे वो मुद्दा महिला पंच सरपंचो के राजनेतिक शाश्क्तिकरण का हों या बेटी जन्मोत्सव हो यह हमने समुदाय और पंचयत के साथ मिलकर शुरू किया है चाहे बाल विवाह रुकवाकर किशोरियों को पढाई और केरियर काउंसलिंग केसे हुई चाहे लिंग जाँच के दुष्प्रभावों का मुद्दा रहा हो हम अभी भी मनोयोग से अपने काम में लगे हुए हैं हमने पंचायत और जन सहयोग से ग्राम पंचायत स्तर पर कुछ जगह बालिका संदर्भ केंद्र बनाए है जिसमे किशोरी बालिकाएं इन डोर खेल खेल सकती है सामूहिक रूप से केसे तैयारी कर सकती हैं और हमने प्रयास किया है की कुछ गावों में स्कुल में एक कोमन रूम के रूप में एक कक्ष को तैयार करवाया जिसमे बालिकाए विशेष दिनों में इस कक्ष का उपयोग कर सके इस हमारे प्रयास को देखने या एक्सपोजर ट्रिप पर बिहार राज्य की UNDP की पार्टनर संस्थाए आ रही हैं आप भी सादर आमंत्रित हैं संपर्क 9414428431 इस कार्य को आगे बढाने सभी का सहयोग आपेक्षित है ओक्सफेम संस्था से निवेदन है कि कृपया इस कार्य में आप हमारे यहाँ विजिट करे और हमे सहयोग करे

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