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Human Impact

See how the changing climate is affecting people across India right now. Click beneath their names to read their stories.

dsc_00502“Drought is the burning issue in Anantpur and the changing climate is worsening the situation”
– Smt. C. Bhanuja, President, Rural Environment Development Society, from Anantpur District, Andhra Pradesh
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dsc_02792“Construction of thermal power plants, pharmaceutical companies, ports, ship breaking units and sand mining activities are causing coastal level erosion and severe marine pollution. As a result of this, sea resources like fishes are missing day by day pressing so many fisher folk communities to sheer distress and insecurity.”
– Mr. Arjalla Dasu, District Fishermen’s Youth Welfare Association, from Visakhapatnam District, Andhra Pradesh
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dsc_02802“When there is sudden rain or drought, we can move to a shelter but what happens to the crops we grow? They cannot move. They are completely devastated and so are our lives. They are our means of survival. Without them we are nothing.”
– Sushil Kumar, Gorakhpur Environmental Action Group, from Gorakhpur Zilla, Uttar Pradesh
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