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Rahul Bose & Palash Sen launch campaign in front of a packed audience



Rahul Bose and Palash Sen launched Oxfam’s Climate Change campaign with a bang in front of a packed out audience in the FITCC Auditorium in Delhi on Friday.

We caught with Rahul Bose backstage to hear what he had to say about the campaign. “Every problem that is massive on a global scale intimidates us. Our sense of powerlessness translates into a – ‘what can I do about it. The problem is so huge.’ Even though we are aware of the perils of climate change, all of us do not think that we can do something in our individual capacity, Rahul said.


“But while the little changes that we can make in our lifestyle will be drops in the ocean, our actions to consciously stop harming and start helping preserve the planet will give us the moral strength to put pressure on our governments to take immediate measures. The major part of this battle is going to be fought for rural India but it will also move towards ensuring a safer place for those in urban India.”


After my support for Oxfam’s various initiatives on children, education and gender equality, this association with Oxfam fills me with pride. Climate change is going to be the single most crucial issue on the world’s consciousness as it impacts everything – the economic crisis, future wars, traditional social boundaries….everything.”


At the concert Palash Sen and his band Euphoria launched the music video. “I appreciate this initiative of Oxfam India and have tried to render my support through this foot-tapping song,” said Palash. “I believe that music can be used very effectively to create awareness and give the message in a positive way. I hope this song will help the listeners and the viewers to share and remember that poorest people are hit first and worst by climate change and that each one of us can start helping by signing up to this Climate Change campaign.”


Video director Akbar Quadir said, “We are farmers and we well understand what climate change is doing to our living in the villages. Oxfam India has given us a platform where any youngster can raise their voice to support this issue. When we wrote our play on climate change, it was Oxfam India which first extended its hand to us.”

Sign up to the Oxfam India petition on climate change – click here!


Oxfam present Palash Sen and his band live


Launch of the Climate Change Music Video & ‘Stop Harming, Start Helping’ Signature Campaign

Oxfam India has produced a music video on the theme of climate change. The song, ‘Payenge aisa ek Jahan’ is composed and sung by Dr. Palsh Sen of the popular Indian rock band Euphoria, while the video is directed by Akbar and Azam Quadri. Oxfam India hopes that the music video will impress upon the listeners and viewers the urgency to join Oxfam’s climate change campaign, learn and spread awareness on the issue and galvanise others to act at the national and global level to help lower emissions and adapt to the impacts of climate change.

Venue: FICCI Auditorium
Date: 17 April 2009
Time: 6.30pm onwards

Schedule for the Event

  • Welcome by Nisha Agarwal, CEO, Oxfam India
  • Oxfam and climate change – Aditi Kapoor, Economic Justice Lead Specialist
  • Rahul Bose speaks
  • Introduction of the Artists who support Oxfam
  • Experiences of a changing climate in villages where Oxfam works:
  1. Ms Bhanuja, from Ananthapur district, Andhra Pradesh
  2. Mr Arjilli Dasu, District Fishermen’s Youth Welfare Association, Vizag, Andhra Pradesh
  3. Mr. Sushil Singh, from Gorakhpur, Uttar Pradesh
  • Introduction of Palash & his band Euphoria
  • Introducion of the Music Video Directors Akbar Quadir and Azam Quadir
  • Speech by Kiran Walia, Health and Family Welfare Minister for Delhi
  • Launch of the Climate Change Signature Campaign by Rahul Bose
  • Rahul Bose, Palash Sen & his band, artists, villagers & Kiran Walia to come on stage & sign
  • Kiran Walia & Rahul Bose release the music video
  • Music Video is performed
  • Performance by Euphoria
  • Vote of Thanks